Photography Collections

Some Faraway Dreamland

Here: “The Director” (2023)

I like it when one is not certain what one sees.”


Industrial Nocturnes

Here: “Haven” (2023)

Industrial sceneries at night in long exposures.

Tell Me More About the Forest

Here: “Serpent” (2023)

Out of the city, into the woods.

Between Towers

Here: “Between Towers” (2021)

The cycle “Between Towers” focuses on the concrete jungle of my adopted home, the city of Frankfurt. Context is the collaboration with rabirius and Sonja Ackermann for the joint exhibition views | interrupted in September 2022.

Colours of Night Vol I

Here: “Night People” (2019)

Nocturnal pieces from my second exhibition Colours of Night and moving forward.


Here: “Night on Møn” (2018)

Infinite views on Earth and into the night sky.

Asian Pacific Street Project

Here: “The Secret Sorrow of the Flower Delivery Boy” (2018)

Street photography impressions in Japan and Taiwan.