views | interrupted: Different Perspectives of Urban Space.

An Exhibition by rabirius, Sonja Ackermann and Christian Rocas (2. – 18.9.2022)

As artists, we came together to explore, react to, and dive deeper into our unique perceptions of urban environments. Our aim was to uncover what lies beyond obstructed views. Together, Sonja Ackermann, rabirius, and I developed artworks centered on shared themes, each in line with individual styles and approaches, couraging us to transcend barriers. Additionally, we expanded our exploration into auditory realms, with rabirius composing and recording a soundtrack with his band mockART that echoes the themes of our artworks. This soundtrack debuted at the exhibition’s opening.

“Between Towers” by Sonja Ackermann
“White Window” by rabirius
“Departure” by Christian Rocas

The exhibition’s venue was located in Nebbiensches Gartenhaus – a vintage summer house located in a park in the centre of Frankfurt.

Here are some impressions of the opening on September 1st, 2022:

We move through urban space, but we perceive it differently. What catches the eye of one person is overlooked by another. Some details only become clear to us when we direct our gaze to them.
We can never fully grasp urban space. Time and again, a building blocks our view. In order to see what lies behind it, we have to move to the other side, where, in turn, another building takes away our view.
The parts of the urban space that we cannot perceive, we can imagine. However, each person brings different experiences, so we fill the voids differently.


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